October 1st, 2020

2020 Space Security Challenge – Hack-A-Sat

Over 1,200 teams from across the world competed in last weekend’s 2020 Space Security Challenge, Hack-A-Sat, qualifier event sponsored by the US Air Force.

The top 8 teams advance to the final stages of Hack-A-Sat where teams receive a flat-sat and solve challenges that unlock an actual orbiting satellite to target.  The PLEX Team, 15FittyTree, placed 8th in the qualifier event and will be competing in the final event August 7-9.  More information about the Hack-A-Sat contest can be found here: https://www.hackasat.com/

Update – The PLEX team finished in 4th place in the world (2nd highest team from the USA)! Congratulations to the amazing men and women of PLEX’s team 15FittyTree for this incredible showing!