Cyber Operation Experts
Subject matter experts in a wide range of operation areas

Enterprise Cybersecurity Engineering
Our experts will identify your risks before your adversaries

Hardware Engineering
Low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) Hardware Design, Electronic Warfare (EW) , Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering, Digital Communications Solutions, and Radio Design  

Intelligence & Cyber Threat Analysis
Forensics, threats & trends and Intelligence Analysis

A Skunkworks division – Customized cutting-edge software development

Software Engineering
Cutting-edge development from the most talented software engineers in the business

System Engineering and Trusted Advisors
JCIDS experts, Operations Planning & Analysis Portfolio, Program & Project Management



Security Risk Assessment Framework (SRAF)
Assess the strength of your security program and create a roadmap for improvement

Incident Response (IR) Plan Development
Develop an incident response plan to protect your brand

Tabletop Exercises
Identify your security weaknesses before the hackers find & exploit them

PLEX 360 Security Testing
Determine whether hackers can get into your networks from the internet

Application Security
Test to see how well your security works together as a whole: people, processes, and technology

Digital Forensics
Combine vulnerability assessment with active “hunt” activities to find previous compromises