PLEXWorx – a skunkworks division

In PLEXWorx, we’re dedicated to innovation, hard problems and looking beyond immediate challenges to create revolutionary solutions to far-reaching capability gaps. We believe in actioning fresh ideas frequently and repeatedly. Most ideas don’t go anywhere the first time, and that’s okay. Sometimes they’re just not ready yet, sometimes they are. We try to find out as early and as often as possible and then turn what results into amazing products.

We run lean

We’ve adopted a lot of the original skunkworks philosophies with special emphasis on spending as little time as possible writing about what we’ve done. We prefer to spend time researching, creating and trying new ideas and technologies. Reporting is ruthlessly minimized in favor of maximizing the time we spend getting things done. Our operational process keeps administrative support out of the way but always in reach.

We reinvest internally

We spend money on people, resources and time to get things done. The PLEXWorx Tiered Incentive Policy puts up the profit from a project right back into the hands of the people who made it real. We also reinvest in ongoing education and training, tools and infrastructure to make sure our people have everything they need to be successful whenever possible.

Who we are

  • Full time development staff – our core cadre of developers are able dedicate almost 100% of their time to solving hard, interesting problems. Our flexible environment and structure allows that time to be custom fit to their life and accommodate a healthy work/life balance.
  • Part time, on-demand developers as well – the PLEXWorx Tiered Incentive Program allows all eligible PLEXers to participate in ongoing development projects when they can help and want to. This gives us a vastly deeper bench of in-house capabilities across a broad spectrum of technical and operational disciplines.
  • Extensive relationships in the private sector and commercial arenas – With experience levels ranging from a yew years to a few decades, PLEXWorx has deep and enduring ties across the customer and vendor spaces that enable a much higher level of collaboration than the average in our industry.
  • Extensive operational experience in the IC, SOCOM/SMU, DoD and Federal Law Enforcement communities
  • Highly skilled operational management

What we do

Full spectrum capability delivery; from collaborative development to fully deployable tools

  • CNO focused Python and C development
  • Offensive Cyber Operations
  • Iterative, consistent project management
  • Machine Learning/AI research
  • CNO/CNE and Python training and mentoring
  • Rapid prototyping and testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments/Testing
  • Linux and MacOS security and operational expertise