PLEX 360 Security Testing

As the name states, the 360 Security Test provides a complete vulnerability assessment. Understanding your current security posture is an important first step to improving it. PLEX has deep technical expertise in vulnerability assessment and identifying cybersecurity risks to your organization. Using a variety of commercial and open source security testing tools, PLEX security testers perform in-depth, real world attack scenarios and technical security testing. We properly assess the impact of identified security issues in the context of your business goals and priorities.

The 360 portfolio includes advanced Red Teaming security testing, as well as application, system, and infrastructure security assessment services. Our 360 service also includes actionable remediation recommendations and risk mitigation strategies to help you improve your existing security position while reducing the risk of a successful attack on your data and networks.

Through hundreds of vulnerability assessments we have identified thousands of critical vulnerabilities that have exposed enterprises to external and internal attacks. Our 360 services include:

  • Red Team Assessments
  • External & Internal Network Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Security Assessments
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Tailored Security Testing as requested


We customize the exploitation and assessment work to your environment and business goals to ensure maximum safety. Our Red Team can often break into highly segmented and secure environments, ex-filtrate test data and never be detected.

Red Team Security Testing
Sometimes called full-scope penetration testing, Red Team security testing widens the envelope of tests and attack techniques to include more active approaches to your network, staff, and facilities. Is your staff susceptible to today’s most subtle and effective hacker techniques like spear phishing, fake WiFi access points, and credential harvesting? PLEX’s Red Team can help improve you network security by putting your security staff and employees to the test.

Penetration Testing
How good are your security protections? When was the last time you tested them? PLEX penetration testers put your security to the test using the same tools and techniques hackers use. What happens when security fails? Penetration testing can help your organization understand the impact of data breaches and whether your network is missing critical security protections.

Wireless Security Assessments
Wireless networks offer mobility and conveniences that we take for granted. Wireless networks also extend the boundaries of our networks outside the protected confines of our offices and physical security measures. While your IT staff may have spent years developing and tuning your wired security protections, wireless networks are often deployed out of the box with little configuring. PLEX security testers know the common weaknesses of wireless networks and can test to ensure what you can’t see isn’t hurting you.

Web Application Security Testing
Vulnerability scanners and security hardening guides focus on widely-deployed applications and operating systems. How do you test the security of custom web applications or tailored application configurations? PLEX has experienced application security testers that can uncover previously unknown security flaws and common application security misconfigurations. When integrated into an organization’s software development life cycle, web application security testing can help avoid embarrassing data breaches that can damage your reputation and brand — and cost you a lot of money.

Mobile Application Security Testing
In the rush to develop and deploy mobile apps, security is often overlooked. Don’t let mobile apps become the Achilles heel of your security posture. PLEX Solutions can test your mobile apps for the most common security flaws and advise you on corrective measures to make them more secure.

Tailored Security Testing
Cybersecurity cannot be thoroughly done on a one-size-fits-all basis. If you don’t see a service that exactly describes your cybersecurity testing needs, tell us. We’ve customized cybersecurity testing for loads of clients. We can create an engagement to do specifically what you need. Our years of experience and small size make us more responsive than our larger competitors.