PLEX Guard

Need ongoing cybersecurity support? PLEX Guard is the solution.

Cybersecurity Protection When and Where You Need It

  • Security Event and Incident Monitoring
  • Analyze network traffic and host logs in real-time
  • Tuned for your environment and operations
  • Alerts and trends available in your PLEX Guard Portal

Your PLEX Guard Portal

  • Vulnerability tracking and details
  • Ticket management integrations: ServiceNow, JIRA, etc.
  • On-demand insights
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Report Generation

Brand Reputation and Exposure Notification

· Continuous Deep, Dark, and Open Web Monitoring

· Leaked Credential Alerts

· Personnel, Term, Product searches

As part our PLEX Guard Services, we also provide Continuous Assessment Service Subscriptions for:

· Web Applications

· Internal/External Penetration Testing

· Social Engineering Exercises

· Mobile Applications

· Bespoke Testing

· Current Event Response

· Technology Specific

· Goal Oriented