Local Governments and Municipalities Turn to PLEX for Cybersecurity Help

The days of big corporations as primary targets for data breaches, ransomware, and general cyber-based attacks are gone.  Small business, governments, and individuals are now all common targets. The emergence of Evil as a Service (EaaS), which can be procured for a nominal number of bitcoins, has made the Internet even more dangerous than ever. Don’t believe it? Ask the city of Atlanta, Baltimore, or Riviera Beach, FL—each of which suffered damaging ransomware attacks in the recent past.

As the price of EaaS is getting lower, the demand for skilled, experienced cybersecurity executives is making it hard for city and county governmental organizations, who might have delayed starting their cybersecurity programs until now, to compete for limited cybersecurity talent. Enter the role of PLEX CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) As A Service (CaaS).

The county government of Lee County Florida is one of a growing list of organizations that have turned to PLEX Solutions for help.As part of a larger IT outsourcing effort (led by Computer Aid, Inc), PLEX is leading Lee County’s cybersecurity program with PLEX CaaS.

Who’s leading your cybersecurity program?

Cyber security is a team sport. The CISO is a coach and team captain that helps develop the playbook and shares a vision of cybersecurity that the team can trust, understand, and believe in. A PLEX CISO As A Service (CaaS) begins the hard work that no one else wants to do or knows how to begin. PLEX CISO services are able to provide this because we’ve built cybersecurity programs before and know what organizations needs to do to get their cybersecurity program off the ground.