New technologies fuel cyber crime

Reading Brian Krebs’ insightful article about insider threat and the dark web, I was reminded of just how many things, which used to be hard, are now easily accessible to all kinds of people who want to do wrong. In the past, an employee with the right access and bad intentions might have found it difficut to connect with criminals who possessed the necessary skills to successfully commit fraud against his employer. Nowadays, with anonymized access to the dark web and nearly untraceable hacking forums, the barrier to entry into the world of cyber crime is quite low.

Rise of Darknet Stokes Fear of The Insider, by Brian Krebs

Most IT leaders I speak with are focused almost entirely on the external hacker threat. This article (above) shows why organizations need to get their security house in order inside their networks, too.

Companies and IT leaders who fail to take steps to identify and fix their organization’s security issues will, sooner or later, pay a hefty bill in the form of incident response engagements.