Our Culture

PLEX is the melding of collective passions and talents. We are a team in every sense of the word. We believe in fostering an open, entrepreneurial culture that encourages each of us to use our skills and talents to enrich the experiences of our customers and our PLEX family members.

Leave Everyone in Awe
Go above and beyond what is expected. Always over-deliver. Let your actions speak for themselves.

Boldly Embrace Change
Fortune favors the bold. Our world is changing at break-neck speed, and only those who have the guts to question the status quo will survive. Embrace this change and look for opportunities. Confidently continue to learn and innovate your craft. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Be Honorable
Do the right thing. Conduct yourself with a sense of authentic integrity. Strive for honesty, transparency, and accurate communication.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Approach work and play with passion. Work to cultivate and celebrate PLEX culture. Have fun. Be socially, mentally and physically active. Persevere against odds to achieve personal and collective goals.

Cultivate Family
We are both a team and a family. Value strong relationships in all areas: with managers, clients, business partners, co-workers and personal family members. Be compassionate, friendly, and loyal. Stand up for each other. Earn and value trust. Celebrate individual and collective successes.

Value Excellence
Take great pride in the work you produce. Work efficiently, but don’t cut corners. Strive to create things that are both visually beautiful and a joy to use. Practice “quality through creativity.”