PLEX developed Cybersecurity First Responder certification approved for DoD-8570!

PLEX Solutions is excited to announce that the Cybersecurity First Responder (CFR) certification it helped develop with Logical Operations and CompTIA has been added to the list of approved security certifications for DoD-8570.

PLEX CTO, Terry Bradley, was PLEX’s representative to the initial certification workshop (in late 2015) that defined the body of knowledge and skills required to earn the CFR. Almost two years later, the certification has been adopted by both ANSI and the DoD as a way to validate cybersecurity practitioners have the knowledge, ability, and skills necessary to respond to security incidents and data breaches.

PLEX is proud to have been invited to provide cybersecurity subject matter expertise for this new certification and is committed to helping improve worldwide cybersecurity through developing the next generation of cyber warriors.

About PLEX Solutions

PLEX is NSA accredited in cybersecurity vulnerability assessment and delivers a wide range of cybersecurity, engineering, technical expertise and mission critical solutions to Department of Defense, Federal Civilian agencies and commercial customers. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, PLEX’s expertise and commitment to quality services are critical in meeting the missions of our customers

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