PLEX Opens Security Operations Center (SOC) in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO (August 1, 2016) – PLEX Solutions, a leader in tailored cyber security services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), opened its first Security Operations Center (SOC) in Colorado Springs, CO. The PLEX SOC will serve as the focal point of PLEX’s network security monitoring services for its growing list of SMB clients.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else focusing on the cyber security needs of SMBs and offering world-class cyber security services at price point that they can afford,” said PLEX’s Chief Technology Officer Terry Bradley. “By leveraging open source software and the flexible coworking space of local technology incubator, we’re able to offer cyber security services without the huge price tag that larger firms charge their clients.”

In addition to network security monitoring, PLEX offers a wide range of cyber security and risk assessment consulting services. These services include penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, application security testing, and Active Adversary Hunt. PLEX can bundle these services together with network security monitoring to provide affordable cyber security solutions for its clients.

For more information on PLEX’s cyber security offerings, please contact us through our website: