Digital Forensics

Active Adversary Hunt
Statistics show that most data breaches and network intrusions go undetected for six months or more. During that time, hackers and cyber criminals multiply the damage to your network and, once the event goes public, your reputation is at stake. Combining vulnerability assessment with active “hunt” activities to find the presence of previous compromises and ongoing intrusions is the best approach to maximum security for your network. Compromised of world-class cyber “hunt” experts, PLEX can help you eliminate this security blind spot.

Cyber Investigations
From insider threat to assessing the scope of a data breach, PLEX Solutions partners with companies and organizations to assess and understand cyber activities taking place on their network. You can trust our staff of security professionals to handle your cyber investigation with professionalism and discretion.

Incident Response
Although no organization wants to have to respond to a security incident or data breach, statistics show that most will find themselves in this position eventually. PLEX Solutions can help you minimize the damage from a data breach and move through containment to recovery and restoration of your network and business processes.