System and Mission Engineering

PLEX systems engineers and program/project managers are like musical conductors. They know what the music should sound like (the look and function of a design) and possess the technical skills to lead a team in achieving the necessary sound (meeting the system requirements).

Our engineers and trusted advisors understand the fundamentals and the end game – while always focused on the objectives of the mission. They can devise a vision and approach for attaining the objectives, and can organize, interpret and communicate requirements, make budgetary, programmatic and planning recommendations, help to formulate objectives and develop system architecture and design.

Our core competency areas:

  • Systems Engineering Support:
    • Program & Project Management
    • Program & Strategic planning objectives
    • Interpretation and tailoring of Federal and DOD acquisition regulations and memoranda
    • Requirements Management & System Analysis
    • System Design, Development, and Discovery
    • Configuration Management
    • Security & Risk Assessment
    • Integration and Test Management
    • Systems Engineering Document & Briefings
    • National Security Implementation Authorization (NSIA) process experts
    • Cybersecurity Threat Identification and Analysis
    • Data modeling, design and science
    • TechSIGINT development and operational support
  • Cryptologic Exercise Planning & Support:
    • Develop, Analyze and Assess cyber plans and exercises
    • Organize the development of support plans and Integration planning activities
    • Create exercise and simulation functions
    • Participate in cyber planning conferences
    • Design event critical functions
    • Train cyber exercise participants